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Matching Grant Update: We have secured $7,000 in giving day matches so far -- $2,000 from the current BNS Board and $2,500 each from two current BNS families!

Who We Are -

Since 1971, Blacksburg New School has been a school woven together by community, togetherness, and a dedicated partnership of playful students, wise teachers, and engaged parents. Our school prides itself in high academic standards with social interaction and conversation at the core of our curricula. Small class sizes on a beautiful campus engender learning that is up close and personal. Students learn to comfortably and kindly interact with peers, with students from different grade levels, and with adults. They are learning how to be a friend, resolve conflicts in healthy ways, and ask thought-provoking questions. 

Finding and striking balance is the guiding principle of the school. The balance between work and play. Comfort and challenge. Saving and sharing. Indoors and outdoors. New and old. Self and other. Students engage in an educational philosophy that is built around relationships; that endeavors to spark a life-long love of learning; that prioritizes helping them feel safe, seen, and accepted; that allows time to stop and reflect each day; and that understands the importance of play – at all ages – in the learning process.

Why We Are Fundraising - 

Given the year+ we’ve all experienced and as part of our strategic planning work prior to COVID, we are working to be more selective and thoughtful about what fundraising we should continue pursuing as an organization now and in the future. As we work to ensure the school’s short-term financial stability coming through (and hopefully to the other side of) COVID, we are also mindful of the need to tend to our future, perhaps now more than ever. As such, your donations to Blacksburg New School can be designated in the following ways:

  1. Help us build our Endowment Fund as we enter our school’s 50th Anniversary in the fall of 2021. Part of the school's strategic plan, building a robust endowment will help to finance the present and future needs of our school. As it grows, our endowment will not only allow us to save for our future, but it will also provide a non-tuition revenue stream to support our operating budget and our strategic goals, one of which is to significantly increase teacher salaries. We are currently working with a team of folks to research endowment structures and investment entities that best suit our needs. We want to do this right and feel like now is the time. (Listed as "Endowment Fund" in the designation drop-down menu at checkout.)
  2. Support our day-to-day operations and emerging short-term needs with a gift to our Operating Account. (Listed as "Operating Account" in the designation drop-down menu at checkout.) 

We are committed to the school's and our broader community’s current and future well-being and sustainability – and to the desire for the kids who come next to engage in the same educational philosophy that has proven so inspiring for our Blacksburg New School students since 1971.

Blacksburg New School is an independent K-8 school fostering academic achievement, creative and critical thinking, and thoughtful action. Our mission is to serve our students, teachers, and parents by providing a cooperative educational environment. We are committed to academic and civic excellence, to individual and community responsibility, and to the love of learning.

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