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Christiansburg Industrial Institute was founded in 1866 for formerly enslaved people who were denied education. It closed in 1966 due to desegregation. During its 100 year history, it grew to a campus of 14 buildings and 185 acres in what is now Midtown in Christiansburg, VA. As a working farm, it provided food security for the local African American history. As the first secondary school for African American students in Southwest Virginia, thousands of students entered its gates and many were boarded in its two dormitories. But the history of Christiansburg Institute spreads far beyond our region. Students from all over the country traveled to CII by train. During Massive Resistance in Virginia, many students journeyed from Prince Edward County to Christiansburg to complete their educations.

At Christiansburg Institute, Inc., our work centers around historic preservation of this important institution, restoration of the Edgar A. Long building, participatory education, and community building. We celebrate life, ancestors, tradition, art, music, food, and culture through programs, events, and education.

Through Restorative Memorymaking, we

  • honor ancestors and cultural heritage,
  • intentionally center directly affected voices,
  • and build people power through grassroots community organizing and historic preservation.

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