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InStill Mindfulness is committed to cultivating a mindful world for all with kindness, compassion, and care, through education, action, and community. 

InSchoolsWe offer a range of services, including:

InSchools: We deliver an in-depth mindfulness training program for K-12 professionals. Our InSchools programming has been supported by the Hemera Foundation, Pure Edge, the Frederick P. Lenz Foundation, and through generous donations from people like you

InSide: We are committed to serving all members of our community, and aim to provide mindfulness training opportunities in all areas of the justice system. We have just completed a pilot program with the Radford City Police, and with your support will begin offering it in other precincts soon.

InStill Mindfulness online communityCultivate your own mindfulness-based experience in this community that offers a broad range of ways to engage, including guided practices, online gatherings, poetry, and much more. This community is free to join, so your support is essential to keep it going.

InSightInSightInSpireAll of you is welcome here. Our InSpire mindfulness communities meet regularly to mindfully share ideas, experiences, and practices. Find a community online or near you. InSpire meetings are free to attend, and we welcome your support to help us continue them.

InSight: We offer a range of classes and retreats for the public, including our online Embracing Change program. Visit our Schedule page for upcoming events.

InSupport: InSupport Mindfulness-Based Leadership is focused on the cultivation of mindfulness for leadership and improved relationships. We specialize in creating tailor-made solutions for any organization.

Our Core Principle

Connection—with heart, mind, self, synapses, nature, and community.

Our Values

Gratitude: We value gratitude in our own lives, and offer it freely.
Self-care: We value self-care in our own lives, and aim to instill it in those around us.
Awareness: We value the development of our own awareness, and provide tools to help others develop it in themselves.
Redefine the mind: We value how mindfulness has changed our relationship with our mind, and foster it in others.
Simplicity: We value simplicity as an antidote to chaos.
Adaptability: We value adaptability, and welcome change rather than resist it.
Walk the Walk: We value authenticity, and only aim to ‘preach’ what we actually practice.
Acceptance: We value the equanimity gained through acceptance, and try to meet people where they are.

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