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The New River Land Trust has been working for almost two decades to conserve farmland, forests, open spaces, and historic places in the New River region of Southwest Virginia. Since 2002, we have helped protect over 55,000 acres of land in the region and over 26 miles of New River frontage. 

Existing roadbed on Property 1Recently, we have become more involved in projects that include public trails and access to natural areas. Our largest public outdoor access project to date is the Brush Mountain Preservation and Park Project.  

The project includes 10 miles of sustainable, multi-use trails on two properties totaling 552 acres, located just minutes from downtown Blacksburg.  The park will also protect intact forest for wildlife and the view of the mountain from the town and surrounding areas.

We will build as many of the proposed trails as possible on the properties before turning them over to the Town of Blacksburg to be managed as a park - the largest in Blacksburg.

We started work with a contractor and volunteers on Phase 1 of the new trail system in early June. With grant funding and the generous support of local businesses, community groups, and individuals, we will be able to complete 4 new trails, including the existing roadbed, on Property 1.

Work on the first phase will be completed in August. We hope to have these new trails open to the public before the entire trail system is completed, and are working with the Town of Blacksburg on how to do that.

We look forward to the day when the park and trails are open to be enjoyed by everyone in the community. But we need your help. To complete the trails on Property 1 and start building on Property 2, we need to raise more funds.

The more money we raise, the more miles of trails we can build.  The Community Foundation of the NRV is offering incentive grants for nonprofits that have the largest number of individual donors, so if you just have $5 to give, you could help us win $500!  

Map of planned trails on Property 1 (left) and Property 2 (right)

Thank you for your support, and thanks also to our partners: the Town of Blacksburg, the Poverty Creek Trails Coalition and Blue Ridge Off-Road Cyclists.

Volunteer works with hand tools on new trail.  (Image: Blue Ridge Off Road Cyclists)

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