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Give Local NRV 2023 - Support the Science Museum of Western Virginia

Championing Science Education

Your generous contributions during Give Local NRV will significantly enhance the educational outreach of the Science Museum of Western Virginia. Established in 1970 as the Commonwealth of Virginia's first science museum, our institution has been a beacon for science education. Founded by a dedicated group of local teachers and volunteers, the museum began its journey in a humble 400-square-foot space, limited only to local students and teachers. Today, it thrives as a 50,000-square-foot marvel in Downtown Roanoke, intriguing minds and igniting curiosity after a transformative $27 million renovation.

Where Discovery and Learning Intersect

At the Science Museum of Western Virginia, we are passionate about offering an engaging environment for science and technology enthusiasts. Our museum features two floors brimming with interactive activities and captivating exhibits. Visitors can immerse themselves in 'The Eye', an innovative planetarium experience, or interact with over 250 parakeets in 'The Parakeet Garden'. We remain committed to our mission: fostering lifelong learning by making science and technology accessible to all.

Pave the Way for the Future

Your contributions support more than our museum's facilities. They also empower our dedicated team of education specialists who design and execute enriching programs for students across the New River Valley. We have the privilege of reaching more students than any other organization in our area, taking education beyond the museum's walls with our Outreach Programs. Your donations enable us to inspire young minds in various settings.

Your generous donations to the Science Museum of Western Virginia during the Give Local NRV 2023 fundraiser will have a significant impact on our Living Collections Department and Education Department.

For our Living Collections Department, your donations will contribute to the maintenance and enhancement of our diverse range of animal habitats:

$25 A $25 donation will support the feeding of our array of animal ambassadors.

$50 A $50 donation will assist in the purchase of a new aquarium for our ambitious amphibian habitat project.

$100 A $100 donation will be allocated towards securing building supplies for the development of improved, environmentally-friendly habitats for our amphibians.

$500 Generous donations ranging from $500 to $1000+ will help us remodel our entire animal department, transforming it into an immersive exhibit where guests can interact closely with our animals.

Our Education Department will also greatly benefit from your generous contributions:

$50 A $50 donation will assist in acquiring STEM materials, enriching our supply of hands-on experiment materials.

$100 Donations in the range of $100 - $500 will facilitate the introduction of new technology in our classrooms, allowing students to learn from the latest educational equipment.

$500 Generous donations of $500+ will contribute to the development of our new Lending Library program, creating a wealth of educational materials and kits for teachers to enrich their classroom experiences.

$500 Additionally, donations of $500+ will support the expansion of our LAB Jr. program, enabling us to acquire the latest STEM technology specifically designed for preschool-aged students. This will ensure that your contributions are having a profound and direct impact on science education for all ages.

In addition, contributions between $250 - $500 will be utilized for exhibit maintenance and upgrades, enhancing the overall museum experience for all our guests. Your support is instrumental in our quest to ignite curiosity and foster lifelong learning through science and technology.


Make a difference this year. Support the Science Museum of Western Virginia during Give Local NRV's momentous 10th anniversary, and together, let's shape a brighter future filled with discovery and knowledge.

“Our mission is to make science and technology accessible to all people by being an outstanding regional institution that ignites and nurtures life-long learning.”

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