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Blue Mountain School is a Contemplative Progressive educational community located in Floyd, Virginia. Blue Mountain offers programs for children in preschool to middle school including forest programs and summer camps.

Our Mission

As a Contemplative Progressive school, we commit to providing a holistic approach to education that nurtures the mind and the heart, the rational and the creative, the physical and the spiritual. Together, the Contemplative and Progressive elements of our model honor the whole child.

Our Vision

To cultivate capable community members who possess the courage and wisdom to lead fulfilling lives.

Our Values

Community and Diversity

We celebrate diversity in our membership and in the world. We explore Wisdom Traditions and cultural celebrations, engage in service learning, and work to contribute positively to both our local community and the larger global community.

Relationships and Balance

We nurture loving, respectful relationships and seek emotional balance. We take responsibility for ourselves and work to develop our understanding of others. We engage in activities that foster self-awareness, encourage our unique enthusiasms, and demonstrate healthy living.

Reverence for Life

We promote environmental stewardship by participating in nature-based activities and by exploring the connection between all living things, to establish a genuine sense of wonder and responsibility in our students.

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