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The Akers – Browning Enrichment Fund for Young Women was established by Diane Akers and Heather Browning to address the cultural and socio-economic challenges of young women and girls in the New River Valley. The fund was founded on the principle that investing in women and girls is a powerful way to invest in our community, while providing access to valuable experiences and life-long learning opportunities.


Why Women and Girls? 

Research shows that social and cultural investment in women reduces poverty, raises productivity and accelerates economic growth.  By engaging and strengthening young women from all walks of life, we can break the cycle of poverty and set young women on a path to successful, meaningful, and well-rounded lives. Women who build on their strength through life experiences have increased self-worth and are strong, positive role models.

Our Goal:

The primary purpose of the Akers-Browning fund is to provide young women and girls in the New River Valley, particularly those experiencing financial hardship and complicated home lives, with opportunities and experiences otherwise not available to them. This may include, but is not limited to, travel within the United States or abroad; immersion in diverse cultural opportunities, participation in arts related programs, and other educational opportunities for personal growth. 

With your help and the support of the Community Foundation, our goal is to increase the fund by a minimum of $1,000 annually and award grants that will have the greatest impact in our community.

The Akers-Browning Fund for Young Women is a component fund of the Community Foundation of the New River Valley (CFNRV). Your gift acknowledgment will come from the CFNRV indicating that your gift was directed to the Akers-Browning Fund for Young Women. Contact the CFNRV with questions at 540-381-8999 or email cfnrv@cfnrv.org

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