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Please help us to pay off the Blue Mountain School mortgage!!


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$80,000 goal

The spirit of generosity can change everything!

Good friends, founding members and neighbors have a very special goal for Blue Mountain School this next year -- paying off the (approximately) $80,000 mortgage.

A very special "angel donor" wrote this powerful message to inspire our financial independence and further our ability to even better serve our community! Thank you all for all you give, big and small!

Neighbors and friends feel called to assist Blue Mountain in attaining full ownership and sovereignty over our beloved campus; and to free up its monthly budget for the many things that a school is called to do.  

If you are moved to donate any amount, it will help Blue Mountain School attain this goal of sovereignty  .  .  .  and to continue their ongoing efforts to enhance the learning environment, offer scholarships to low-income families, and expand their capacity to benefit even more families.  

As you contemplate what you're grateful for this holiday season, and you think about which charities you'd like to donate to as the end of the year approaches, please consider that Blue Mountain has been thriving and changing lives for 42 years now, offering progressive holistic education that is mindful and compassionate.  

Blue Mountain features nature-immersion and project-based learning, all while honoring the uniqueness of each child. The children meditate, do yoga, learn non-violent communication, sing, do Dances of Universal Peace, and spend half of almost every day outside. The youngest children nap outside in hammocks under an open pavilion - so healthy and precious!  

Together, we can do anything! Please visit the Blue Mountain School website, get to know us even better, and if you are inspired, use the donate button below to make a donation of any amount! If you are offering a large amount, consider skipping service fees by sending a check to: 

Blue Mountain School, 

470 Christiansburg Pike NE, 

Floyd VA 24091.  

The school is really good about sending out thank you letters for tax-deductions, and there are special tax incentives through the Neighborhood Assistance Program. 

If you are called to join the team of "angel sponsors" to match donations, let us know that too!  The more the merrier!!

 We will update all our donors on our progress!  

Any day is a good day - and there is a special Giving Tuesday  ~ November 29th.  Whenever you're ready, we welcome your generosity!

We offer our deepest gratitude for your generous and caring hearts, for trusting in the flow of abundance, and knowing that "the children are our future"!  

Namaste, friends!

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