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The Secular Society has graciously agreed to make a 50% match of all Give Local Donations to the YMCA at VT for our Community Food Fund, up to an additional $25,000! This further increases the power of your giving to the Y.

A Special Local Angle for Give Local NRV on June 23

Over the last month, Blacksburg High School rising junior Josiah Shrestha has tapped into his talents as a filmmaker to volunteer his time to produce a promotional video for the Meals on Main program, as part of the Give Local NRV Day on June 23. Josiah hopes watching the video will inspire people to come together and help the YMCA fight hunger in the community.

The Give Local NRV Day is especially timely for the YMCA at Virginia Tech and its recent USDA approved sponsorship, as each dollar raised will fund 5 meals a day, 52 weeks a year in perpetuity. The YMCA’s fundraising goal is $25,000 for the Give Local Day, with early giving already underway.

Since April 6, 2020 the YMCA at VT has distributed more than 35,000 meals and snacks to local children in need. Our Meals On Main program is growing to continue to address the need in this community.

Food Insecurity- Montgomery County's Need*

2018 data, PRE-COVID

10.5% of population are food insecure in the county- 10,290 people

67% of this population are below 130% poverty rate

$3.26- average cost per meal just to meet basic nutrition requirements

$5,686,000- annual food budget shortfall

Sections of our region are considered Food Deserts

*Source material: Feeding America data, 2018 figures (most current data)

Meals On Main- Summer 2021

Serve 300 kids with 5 meals & snacks each week at:

Adams Marke mobile home community 

Linden Green Apartments 

Oak Forest mobile home community

Y Center/Thrift Shop

Virginia Tech, the YMCA, and Our History

A Shared History of Growth -- 1873 to 2010

Today the YMCA at Virginia Tech, an independent non-profit organization, is one of the most respected and progressive campus YMCA programs. A large part of this is due to the long-standing and mutually beneficial relationship that exists between the YMCA and Virginia Tech.

In the early years of Virginia Tech’s history, the YMCA performed almost all non-academic functions of the university, and continually worked to improve and enrich the lives of Virginia Tech students. In fact, the YMCA published the first Student Handbook and held the first student orientation. This tradition continued from the late 1880s to the late 1950s.

The YMCA opened the doors to its first on-campus building in 1902 (now the Performing Arts Building), signaling the commencement of an era in which the YMCA served as the center of campus life. For most of the century, the YMCA has focused its energy on the religious, social, physical, and intellectual well-being of Virginia Tech students.

The 1970’s marked a radical change for the YMCA as the Student Union movement grew and Virginia Tech took over many of the programs the YMCA had launched. The YMCA responded by using its relationship with Virginia Tech to enhance and expand its service to the community. This community service continues today.

The key to the successful relationship between the YMCA and Virginia Tech has been the YMCA’s ability to adapt to the changing needs of Virginia Tech students and the surrounding community.

A Legacy of Leadership

By 1900, there were over 800 campus YMCAs around the country. Today there are only 21, including the YMCA at Virginia Tech. Only an excellent legacy of leadership has given our YMCA such staying power. The YMCA at Virginia Tech flourishes today, owing to the efforts of early leaders such as Paul Derring, the Reverend Al Payne, Emily Stuart, Barbara Michelson, and influential volunteer leaders like Lucy Lee Lancaster.

The YMCA works to build leaders in Virginia Tech students, offering over 11 programs in which they can participate and gain valuable experience while contributing to their community. The Y Student Programs (YSP) began in 1986 and has been operating successfully ever since, thanks to the leadership abilities of staff and volunteers.

The YMCA at Virginia Tech's programs help turn the students of today into the leaders of tomorrow; a convention that all started with a legacy of leadership that has remained consistent since the YMCA’s inception at Virginia Tech in 1873.

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