Springhouse Community School

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At Springhouse, we actively practice our values: connection, resiliency, trust, creativity, integrity, and respect for individuality. We are embracing the deep social shifts and cultural uprise needed to move toward a more just and equitable world. 

Since we know that education is about far more than memorizing content or taking tests, Springhouse is writing a new story about the purpose and practice of education by fostering the holistic development of youth, teens, and adults. Through envisioning this new story for education and our culture, we commit to offering sustained, long-term opportunities for learners to discover how to engage with the world and life’s challenges in ways that are creative and authentic, encourage self-honesty and humility, and focus on compassion, integrity, and fairness.

Giving to Springhouse supports youth, teens, and adults who are committed to life-long learning and living into their potential through an education that bravely faces the unknowns and challenges of life. Many program participants receive financial assistance as Springhouse doesn’t turn anyone away for lack of an ability to pay tuition. Your gift supports and inspires a community of people who are actively making a difference in the world. 

Your donation helps Springhouse thrive and sustain our deep commitment to this work!

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Springhouse Community School

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PILOT, VA 24138


540 651 4673

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